For manufacturers to place their trust in test equipment, they need to be confident in the sensors used and so  Contrinex’s durability,  reliability, and high-performance make them ideal. Test Equipment Applications
Power generation applications require robustness and longevity with offshore wind turbines being an extreme example of this and an area where Contrinex’s sensors are trusted. Power Generation Applications
Contrinex’s robustness is well renowned in the Pressing and Stamping industries and therefore Contrinex supplies Inductive, Photoelectric, Machine Safety and RFID sensors optimised to this sector.   Pressing & Stamping
Sensors from Contrinex’s Photoelectric,Inductive, RFID and Machine Safety families  are used on packaging machines  due to their high performance and reliability. Packaging Applications
The Off-Highway and & Rail industries demand robustness and low-cost, which makes Contrinex sensors ideal and very popular across these industries. Off-Highway, Rail & Vehicles
Contrinex’s Photoelectric, Inductive, RFID and Machine Safety sensors are trusted across the many aspects of Food & Beverage manufacturing and packaging.   Food & Beverage Applications
Contrinex sensors are trusted on filling machines - Boxes,  bottles and beyond. Filling & Level Monitoring
Reliability and robustness is a primary concern on material handling equipment and cranes, making Contrinex’s sensors ideal Cranes & Material Handling
Material Handling and Conveyors rely upon Contrinex’s Photoelectric, Inductive, RFID and Machine Safety sensors for smooth running  Conveyor Applications
Fault-free assembly is ensured and downtime  minimised by using automated assembly. Contrinex’s large product portfolios provide choice and innovation for assembly equipment manufacturers.    Assembly Equipment Applications
Contrinex supplies a vast number of Automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the World.    Automotive Applications
The agricultural equipment industry is increasing utilising automation and thus its demands for low-cost, performance and robustness, make Contrinex sensors ideal and popular in the sector.    Agricultural Applications